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I’m into my first indoor, wintertime grow. I have no other alternative but to try this in a 4’x4’ tent in my garage, which as you can imagine gets pretty chilled this time of year. I’ve done OK so far with a small electric space heater and a larger humidifier for moisture. In order to keep from roasting the ladies alive I have to elevate the heater above the canopy of all 4 plants. I have accomplished this by stacking milk crates into an already overcrowded tent. I hate clutter.

I’ve been looking into Radiant Heating mats used under tile floors to heat the tent. In researching this I found a web site that states 20 BTU’s of heat per square foot of space. Instead of using my Dad’s mantra of “Columbus took a chance,” I’d like to hear from someone smarter than me regarding all this. Is there a HVAC guy out there? I’d love to hear from you or anyone to verify or call BS on this claim. If this is a fact then I may have found the solution to my heating problems.

Thanks in advance for helping. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is the best forum of any kind on the net.