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What’s up DGC, what we have here is one of the last plants from my previous run of autos. This is from Mephisto Genetics, Norther Cheese Haze X Sour Bubbly. This is my biggest auto to date grown in 3 gallon honor core grow bags filled with heavily amended coco. She got lots of feedings, lots of love and she gave back just over 16 Oz’s. I average about 6-7 per auto in 3 gals.

She went 97 days before she got the chop. She has a nice heavy funk on the nose and is def smokin good. I’m really digging the meds from Mephisto man, for Autos they are where it’s at along with Night Owl. One more thing fellas, past year or so I e been noticing more and more of my harvest having guttation goin on. I’ll see it either before chop, while trimming or even as I’m pulling cured nugs out the jar like in the last photo. Only thing that’s newer in my feed is coconut water from BAS.
Well take it easy over there krew🤙🏽