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Hello DGC…

I just wanted to stop by and leave a post. I am a long time smoker, new to growing, I have one grow under my belt that went to harvest (wasn’t the greatest smoke but turned out ok) and one grow that was ruined due to equipment failure that has since been fixed, and currently on my third grow that just went into flowering a couple days ago. I can’t tell you how great it is to have a community of like minded people seeing as how I do suffer from PTSD (no I was not in the military…that usually is the first thing people ask when you tell them you have PTSD) which causes me to be quite reclusive. The information I get from your podcast is invaluable, I listen to the podcast at work seeing as how my job takes no thinking so I use that time to learn everything i can about growing cannabis. I plan to become a patreon at some point but unfortunately at the moment I cannot spend the money because of the ridiculous amount of time off I’ve had from work lately, I work for a supplier of a very famous and well known company, but once I get back to work steadily I will become a patreon, although I did pick up some Recharge here recently and have started using that. (shout out to grow generation in Lansing Michigan) Anyways I just wanted to say how much I appreciate what you guys do and to keep up the great work, I will get some pictures of my grow here soon.