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jackwagon420 here, my friends call me Johnny, anyway I bought 16oz of recharge. I out it on everything, my bud crop and all my outdoor flowers(lilies, pansies, geraniums etc. The lilies literally got greener and leaves bigger in 4 hours. ( they are in a bed by my house with soil that’s been there forever.) geraniums and the rest nothing yet but hasn’t even been 24 hours. I know that this product is going to be good because I worked  for a med grower and he was using bacteria which worked great when it was right, but he wa all will nilly about it. (no logged stats, numbers etc). I will update you on the others on the next 48 hours. However I feel a great nee to point out that the packaging for this product is too small for the amount. (10 lbs of s**t in a 5 pound bag) sort of thing. I will talk led lights further down. Grown on. Pure Michigan!!!