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How’s it going guys?! Got a couple of pictures I was hoping someone could help out with. Let me preface by saying I’ve been vegging since mid April because I was having some issues with my heat and didn’t want to flower until I got that straight, so I was dealing with excessive heat issues for a while, also over watered once real good so I kicked them in the nuts a little there too! Past all that now, finally got some controllers for ac and humidity and environment stays 50-65%rh and 75-80° (daytime) 70ish night. I used fox farm ocean forest with about 10% perlite In addition to as a medium. For nutes I use earth dust base and boost, I supplement with liquid seaweed and cal-mag+ 5ml/gal once a week, I used urb for a bit but haven’t in a few weeks. I have a couple things going on that I’m unsure of here. I just top dressed some worm castings and boost amendment 3 days ago because I was about to flip to flower since I got environment right now, but not sure I should with the deficiencies I’m facing right now. My direct questions are can anybody possible point me in the right direction with the pics? And b should I hold off on flower for a minute and supplement with something to get rid of these deficiencies before I flip the switch. I don’t want to go into flower with issues. And this round has been a learning experience with a lot of stuff! The podcast has been hella helpful in my venture to grow my own trees, loving it and loving this community lots of great info and people! Quite a few of my plants different strains have the same light yellow around the edges in huge groups, edges real light colored. Then this new thing I just saw today in some new growth looks like little yellow spots on one plant.

Thanks again! You guys are awesome!