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Hi Y’all,

First of all many thanks to the DGC.  Scotty, Dude and Guru have made me laugh more during the pandemic than anyone.

I’m not a novice grower but dont consider myself a seasoned grower.  I’m in an AC infinity 4×4 using their programmable 6′ exhaust fan.  I have an HLG XL 320 RSPEC kit I bought  and assembled last year and a new Refurbished HLG 300L Rspec to give me the light I need.  I’m in 3 gallon pots of 70/30 coco/perlite, using Greengenes Garden Jacks 321 Recipe.

I flipped to Flower 7 days ago.  Right now I’m at about 980 ppm (starting w 50 ppm tap water allowed to sit out for 24 hours), feeding twice a day.  The girls are happy, they’re growing and I need another net.  Runoff pH is around 5.9-6.1.  Runoff PPM is around 1400-1450.  I run a Dehumidifier in the lung room to keep rh below 60 in an effort to hit my VPD targets.

Finally, the question:  I ran across a deal on 3 20lb Beverage CO2 bottles, bought a regulator, and the controller is en route.  I believe I can manage the heat while only exhausting about once every four hours.  I know, or think I know, that I can run a higher Leaf Surface Temp and Ambient temp w C02.  Should I also increase my rate of feed (ppm/EC) to allow more fuel for the increased photosynthesis?

Also, I heard this week on some lesser youtube channel that with LEDs and CO2 Leaf Surface Temp is a more predictive reading for CO2 and nutrients than ambient temp.  When My tent is at 86, my LST is at 83.   Thoughts?

Again, thanks guys.  Apologies for the long post but want to provide all the info you need to make a recommendation.