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So hey guys, recently new listener/supporter. This is my first grow and won’t be my last for sure. So im growing on the “Down Low” with very little security in my back yard in suburbia until I can get my medical card for my Tourettes so I can grow on the up and up. I qualified for my medical card a few years back (really from about third grade on tho) but haven’t maintained the card because I thought Washington State laws for a medical card was going to mean it was gonna be like a Schindler’s list kinda thing. Turns out you only have to register your card with the state if you want to be tax exempt and some other perks etc. but with a med card unregistered you can still grow four plants with a card. So I’m hoping to get that taken care of soon and still stay on the DL from “the man” as Scotty and dude say.  It’s stupid how the laws are up here in Washington.

I probably got started late on the germinating of seeds this year due to a slow delivery. (bummed about that) so these plants are already 5 weeks from seed. any ways…..things were fine and then i did a bad-ISH thing. So these are all non auto femmed GSC plants with one being an autoflower femmed black jack for kicks. (god as much as I love an autoflower I really should just leave it alone and let it grow rather than torturing it in varying ways to see what happens. see the plant on its side.) containers from 5-10 gallon fabric pots. its in ocean forest with some oregonism XL. (sorry Scotty found you after I found my microbes) and other stuff blah blah blah. All outdoors. Yes I know I’m gonna need to top the soil with something.

But here’s the real question.

I was mainlining a couple of plants just to play with the technique. One went really well. The other…. I split the stem on a gsc (non auto)…… I get that its going to heal up (or it won’t) but is there anything I can do to help this process or some nutrient its gonna need more of to repair at least so it can still be viable for mainlining? or not? Hoping for the best.