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Love you all! Need some help! I have an ongoing issue with my girls that I can’t seem to narrow down. Over the last year, my plants seem to hit an issue about week 4 or 5 into flower. It starts with the fan leaves getting tiny black specs and losing some color as if underfed. Then they start getting rust spots that look like cal/mag deficiency, and shrivel up and die. After that, my top colas get the same issue, and my buds dry out and die. This girl is day one of week 7, has at least 2-3 weeks left, but all my top buds are “rusting” and drying out. Last round this issue forced me to harvest a week too early to not lose the plant, but this time it’s happening faster, and it’s way too early to harvest. As I’m sure you can see I definitely have an aphid problem. I’m constantly buying lady bugs for the flower room, and spray the veg tent with neem oil every week or two.  I don’t know if those little fuckers can cause something like this.

This is a Purple Pegasus strain, in 10 gal fabric pot, Under SK402, temps 68 at night, 83 day, humidity 46-65%. All plants start off in 60% FF ocean Forrest 40%perlite. For the first month – 6 weeks I only water with Recharge and Mammoth P. Last month of veg when they get hungry, I feed the full Fox Farm liquid line (12 pack) at half the FF schedule dosage, along with about half strength cal-mag. pH always at 6.5. I alternate food one watering, then Recharge and Mammoth the next. I do not pH the Mammoth and Recharge. Water is fresh from the machines out front of grocery stores. Once this plant started showing heavy damage, I flushed twice, once with FF sledgehammer, then again with fresh water. Did not help. Fed again and still no improvement.

I’m thinking it might be something from the aphids? Or possible too much cal-mag and locked out? Symptoms only start at week 4 of flower, but this particular plant went down hill fast. For now I’m going to have to chop all the upper colas to try and get something out of them. I have 4 other plants in flower, one of them is week 4 and the black specs are already starting. This issue has happened to all different strains including an auto I grew that I had to chop down about a week early to save it, luckily it smoked well. Thanks in advance for the knowledge, i love this community, so grateful to the show for connecting so many like minded badasses!

Much love!