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I’d like to start off by saying you guys and girls rock this community is the shit. So here’s my problem early spring I decided to mess around and create a monster crop clone so I took a couple budding cuts and cloned them. Which took awhile and started off really weird single leaves. So me and my infinite dumbass wisdom decided to transplant her into a whole in my yard that I’ve been filling with my old soil from my inside grows I threw a pack of Grow Dots in the mix and of course Recharge but here’s where it gets tricky she has grown over 6ft tall and seems like she’s starting her stretch so she’s gonna get even taller. I have no idea what to do next Soup helped me realize I can’t do anything to really speed up flower time (so the pigs won’t catch me) should I defoliate and treat her like an indoor plant or let her just grow naturally. I know I should throw some trellis or some support but I don’t want to bring attention to her. Any advice on how to get her thru flower without going to jail will be appreciated.