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The who? I’m a 32 year old dude from the Sooner state that loves science that has never grown anything. I’m married with a 2 year old boy and a little girl due in September. My dad I found out grew hydro for about 5-6 years in prohibition.

The why: The primary reason is my dad eats Oxycontin like tic tacs after 3 back and 4 shoulder surgeries and my sister has no need at all but is crazy addicted and I would like to provide them a free much more safe healthy alternative. Secondarily with an additional kid on the way I need my wife to be a stay at home mom and suppliant her income. A tertiary reason I would love to work for myself and have more time with my family not punching the clock 48 hrs a week.

The how: This is where I need DGC help not building a terrible grow building that I fight for years. I have a commercial License and a good savings so I really want to build the best garden I can. Since I love the car analogies I want to build a top fuel dragster driven by Tesla auto pilot. The building plan is 20×24 with four 4’x8′ ebb and flow tables. The plan is to run a 500 gal res(1: is that big enough? What size chiller should I run with it on the concrete in the grow room that will be 85 or so? ) it is 19” tall.(2: how tall should I make the ceiling? Is 10′ good? Running LED) I was going to run a 4 ton central Heat and AC unit with electric heating so I can heat at night and not add CO2(3:is 4 ton big enough after Guru or someone make a final light suggestion? Does Co2 being elevated have a negative effect on plants like I think I read somewhere?) run a Quest 506(4: overkill? Not big enough?) an Ideal air pro humidifier (5:is 300 pints way more than enough or spend a few extra bucks and get the 600 pint?) on one show maxi jet and mag drive was suggested (6: is that good for this application?) I was thinking fans with large blades that can turn very slow (7: fan suggestions?) I was going to run a 4 burner NG CO2 generator so I don’t have to mess with tanks and the will run LED temps(8: is 10.6 CUFT/HR more than enough? Whats the best brand?) I want to be able to program the heat/AC and the Humidifier/dehumidifier for both the lights on and lights off to drive VPD and control mold, pm ect (9: what is the best controller to dynamically control the environment 24hrs a day and adjust PH and EC?) ok Guru, or any DGC its go time. My main lighting is 2 Fluence SPYDR 2p over each 4’x8′ table ppf 1600 umol/s indoor spectrum. I want to max the lighting out as much as possible. They sell 44” supplemental Ray fixtures in different spectrums, the indoor that is my main light full spectrum, greenhouse that is more blue heavy, AnthoSpec peak 450-660nm, PfrSpec Far red(10: is this to get 14 hrs of light on a photo plant and simply finish a litle faster?) PrSpec all 660nm, UVSpec 400nm(11: my first question is if you run these you have to keep temps down to 75ish just like running HID?) (12:what is the best application both spectrums to mix in and how to mount them all top mount, under canopy, side lighting?)

sorry so damn long but I only have enough money to get it right the first time. This is an awesome information format. Happy to pitch in my $10 for amazing content. Thanks for any help or just pointing out where I am an idiot.