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Hey DGC I could really use your knowledge. I have some issues going on here and don’t have the experience with soil to really diagnose or treat this.

Two of our mother plants started taking a crap right after I topped them all. I thought I put those two into shock. One bounced back and one did not. The bad one kind of looks like it wanted to flower but it has never seen less than 6 hours of darkness. It is also older than it should be. I’ve kept all these poor girls on slow cook as I built the room around them. I know not the way but it is what it is. We were going to take as many clones from the dying mama as we could and ditch it. Well she must have heard the discussion because she has since yesterday started new growth above the affected area. She is a Forbidden fruit right next to a runtz that is showing nothing so I wondered if it was a varietal characteristic.


But today I noticed the same thing happening to a couple plants in the flower tent, including a Runtz.  Here are two pics from the same week 3 Runtz plant.

I don’t live at my grow so I don’t get to monitor everything regularly (I know I need a pulse).  Last night the exhaust was not turned up and RH levels got up to 77% with a low temp of 55.  Could one night at these levels have a critical affect?  Even though I was not there to put them to bed I blame myself completely!   If I had been focusing on the plants as much as building and dialing in the grow maybe this could have been averted.  I have put too much on my new partner in training and I forget to keep up on teaching and reminders sometimes.  Also I gotta give her props because she has learned a shit ton in just a year.  She has taught me some good stuff too and is going to be a great cannabis grower.

Back to the issue.  We wondered if it was a soil bug.  We did see a tiny, skinny and possibly winged grey bug crawling around in a soil sample (baby gnat?)  Sorry we didn’t get a pic of it, but just not getting good images from the new microscope.  We have battled thrips and spider mites (brought in on outside genetics) and managed to kill those fuckers.  On any given day we might see 1-2 fungus gnats buzzing around but usually none.  Our IPM seems to have handled most of our issues as we have no critters or poop anywhere on the plants.

We have no mold and conditions are generally pretty steady with good temps and RH .  So is this a fungus and would a quick sweep with my fish tank uv light maybe kill it off?

We split one of the affected stems to show the inside.  It is green and wet.

I finally got all these zones (mama, baby, veg, flower) clicking.  It would suck to lose every thin in this room.  What the hell is it and can it be stopped? Fuck I’m a hydro guy!!

Help me OBI-DGC-KENOBI!  You’re my only hope!!!!  And as always…..GROW, SIFT, PRESERVE!!!!!!