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Please help, im a new grower, I am aiming for about 80% organic, but im new so im not against synthetics, I have them in a humidity dome, in a room that houses the water heater, its a garden room, no ac, humidifier running for the plants, im in west texas area, its super dry here, but room stays about 70 f aiming for 60% humidity, realistically goes between 48-65 %, im using fox farms soil, for these its the ocean forrest mix, these plants were germinated 3/19/21, and I need help, for meat potatoes I use fox farms big bloom, just got biobizz, but haven’t started that yet, dome is ontop a heat mat set low 75 high 83, i got the genetics from reputable breeders off seeds here now and James bean, one doing worst are the older ones, petrolia headstash sinister, csi humboldt big bad wolf & bubba, Northern pride coastal, so I don’t think its genetics, likely have been overrated, im now watering with recharge 2x a week, feeding 2x, the ones doing bad are in a hempy type, with a reservoir, ive seen a few fungus nats, but I know our trees suffer from aphids, they’re pecan trees, I just wanted to mention that, please help, i grow for meds both myself and my father( who when I was in Highschool they vehiminately hated this magnificent plant, amd I can say I’ve fully converted my father and partially my mother!!) My father is diabetic, and has found thc even thca helps even out his blood sugar where he doesn’t have the spikes he’d have had otherwise, along with glaucoma like symptoms the pressure, and sleep apnea, he’s found it helps him all around, my mom no longer hates the plant, she’s not as Gung ho but she no longer disapproves, but to get meds we’ve got to drive to Hobbs, NM of eastern NM area, price is ridiculous & lately had NO FLOWER, One place I went to had flower but it was something outrageous like $13 a g for Jagr, no matter, got an ounce for about $400, its decent bud test at 14%, and in truth has a nice high but def not equal to the last time I paid $400 a zone, but that was actually worth it some of the best bud I ever had 2002 era! So im growing g my own, but am struggling, please help me, im currently unemployed otherwise id be a paying membership reg, really appreciate what yall do!!!! This plant has saved my life more then one time, big pharma got me hooked on opiates then heroin, this was when I was not allowed to smoke due to me being on felony probation, once I was done, I moved to Colorado, but due to covid, I’m now back in Texas, growing cannabis, at my parents house, my only true religion is cultivation, this plant is literally my everything, I truly believe this plan can not ONLY save ME, but literally save everyone including Mother Gaia, I’m not only growing meds, but also growing tomatoes, cantaloupe, jalapenos, serrano peppers, blueberrys, and more, I seek to grow as many plants as possible, I want healthy plants,  Please help


eLSyDro aka Spencer Sosebee( Sozs-bee)