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Hi guys love the show. I have been looking into doing to Autoflowers outside and trying to figure out if my plant would get enough light. I asked on FaceBook groups but they are all bro science. I have been told that you need at least 18 hrs of light.  Now from what I was able to dig up on Google “Like there a good source” That it don’t really mater how many hours of light they get as long as they get there DLI number for the day. The problem is they don’t really say what the number is. I see everything from 40 to 70. So what is the range I am shooting for?

On to the second questing.

I have an unhappy plant. The leaves are turning dry and brittle. Soil is 707 using Recharge. Worms in the soil. Clover cover crop. Water is RO water. Started slow feeding it with Biobizz trying to bring it out of it but don’t want to feed it something it don’t need.

Thank in advanced for you help