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what’s up DGC fam! So I’ve posted pics and questions before on my current grow. This is my first grow 4 different strains in soil veg for 70+ days bottle nutes and of course recharge! and currently on the 10 week of flower. I am 11 days into flush my flower tent has ac which is running 68-70 degrees on lights off and 73-78 give or take a degree or 2 with lights on. I know I have a few plants that I think are ready to be chopped and some that could possibly go a little longer. My main concern is I am going out of town this weekend and I have been the only person to watch them lovely ladies day in and day out since they popped seed in January. That being said I was wondering if I could get some advice on weather I should chop them and hang to cure before leaving which I would have the room set with dehumidifier and temps where I want them at a constant (really humid down south here) I’m leaving Thursday evening and coming home Sunday night. I will post some pics of the ladies and any advice would be greatly appreciated on what to do next!!!! Thank y’all for all the help and this badass show that has taught me along the journey! Keep it real and keep it growing!