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Hey guys so I popped some seeds and I could use some help. So I put them in a clear solo cup and then put that in a red solo cup so I can just pull them apart and tell when it needs to be transplanted. I went to look at the roots of them and In some spots it looks to have a brownish tint to the roots so I was wondering if it was getting like a root rot or what was happening to them. I thought maybe is not getting enough drainage but I poked a good amount of holes in the bottom of every solo cup. I’ve watering them with Recharge and tribus microbes. The last watering I did 1/5 strength of jacks 321. If I am getting some sort of root rot should I just transplant them in a 1 gal fabric pot right now? And if so should I be worried about salt build up in the 1 gal since I won’t completely soak it till run off because the roots can’t handle all that water yet? Any ideas or help will be appreciated Thank you guys