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I’m starting to buy all my gear, getting ready for Illinois legal date Jan 1.  I am planning on running a 5×5 scrog.  Can anyone explain the difference between the hlg 550 v2 r spec. The red one says commercial so is that not meant for home growers.  The white 550 v2 has no r spec. The other one I was looking at was the hlg 600w qb288 v2 r spec.   I understand the wattage difference and that the r spec has deep reds. But how can the 600w be cheaper than the 480w. More watts more flower right??  I was leaning towards the 600w because the flowering space says it will cover a 5×5. I have the money to spend on either. Also the 600 only has a one year warranty versus the 550 has a three year.   I need help. What light would best suit my needs.