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Hi Gents,

First time fellow from the UK here, big fan of the show btw!

So my set up is 80x80x160 (cm) tent, growing in canna coco pro plus with about 20% perlite in 5 gallon smart pots, using cana a+b, rizo, hydro vega and cal mag, these are autos so i am only using 1/3 of the recommended nutes (please tell me if i am wrong in doing so) my water goes through a carbon filter an is always about 6.2 when it goes in. My temps are controlled so they don’t range outside of 25-29 degrees C, my RH sits anywhere from 60-70%  using a controller with a humidifier and dehumidifier.

As for lights (and i know this is my weakest link) a rather cheap blurple light with a veg/bloom switch, the advert states 600w but only pulls 120w at the plug, i also have a 300w HPS. i know my lights are rubbish but i am planning on an upgrade when i have the moneys gents =]

The plants themselves, royal queen seeds from Amsterdam as it is only 1 hour on a plane for me. I have 3 White Widow’s and 1 Royal Cheese all autoflowers. They are 27 days old i noticed some burn about 4 5 days ago and flushed all 4 plants with 10L of pH balanced water (is this enough?) but this is looking like a new problem to me? All 3 plants have the same issue so please see pictures below.

Go gentle on me guys im a first timer =]