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Hola DGC, from prohibition land. (Hopefully for not much longer though). I’m in the second week of flower and the new growth looks a bit strange at first but most of it goes back to normal shape and structure as it gets bigger. I’m currently using power-si and the cyco nutrient line up(minus their silica product) to feed along with adding Recharge once a week. This week my EC was jumping between 1.8-1.9 and pH was 5.8. For the most part everything looks pretty healthy and seems to be running smooth for me being a somewhat NOOB. I’m on my 4th harvest. 1 was decent. 1 was spectacular. And the last one was absolutely horrible due to extreme foxtailing and larfy buds. I believe that was from me not extracting the air out and there not being enough air exchange. The room was perfect temps and humidity without running it due to it being winter months so I thought I was saving power when in reality I screwed up something.

Also. First two photos are of the garden now and my problems. The first photo is before they start to grow out of their funkiness.  The second photo is when the growth begins to look more normal. Same sets of leaves. Photos one day apart. The last photo is of the “spectacular” run I did. Cherry Pie under two 315cmh in the final stretch of its flush. Some of the most tasty and knock out strains I’ve ever put in the air!

Thanks again for everything you guys are doing and passing down to us all! Please let me know what you guys think!

One Love

Terp Douglas