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I watch every single thing you dudes bless us with. Thank you everyday for the help you give the grow world. I’ve been wondering about medium ideas, but nothing complex. A lot of us growers wonder how simple can you really go. I’ve been doing mixtures for my last several grow and it’s never perfect but fun everytime. I’ve done black gold organic from sungro just some added perlite, canna coco and that half and halfish with a little perlite. Same prebag at 25% half coco and the rest castings and a half inch casting top dress at preflower, all autos on my last several grows. Just watering and oh yea RECHARGE!! Nothing serious just for quality smoke for me and friends. But I’ve been wanting simpler. Like top quality casting and coco and perlite at like 40/40/20. Where would this go wrong is this even a good idea. I ask this cause when we talk about organic is and how in depth it can be, but what about the little guy just wanting to keep it simple I do find it cool as hell when we have people tell us how to build and organic home for your root system and one day yea that’s for me but paying the extra to build is like telling a small home grower you have to buy a yes amazing LED that not really needed and is just not the level that are at yet.