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I’m a brand new grower, started as soon as quarantine hit. Been listening to the show for a while and finally decided to start growing my own weed indoors. My first run is running into what I think is nitrogen deficiency or possibly nutrient burn / heat issues on day 43 of flower (~60 day strain). I know the plants naturally turn yellow toward the end but I feel like this may be early.

I’m running 4 plants (2 gem strawberry banana kush, 2 fem gelato OG) in 10 gallon fabric pots. 4×4 tent, chilled led x5, ac infinity. Roots organic amended with EWC, perlite, bat quano, bio-live, Humic acid, oyster shell, dolomite, garden lime, and mykos;

Temps 77-85, humidity 50-65, Feeding the girls synganic hodge podge regimen. pH 6.6- 7 water, Veg – compost tea weekly, cal-mag due to deficiency. flower – compost tea once at day 36, fox farm tiger bloom every other watering, beastie bloom every 4th watering since day 30 of flower. (1/2 suggested rate).

I know it’s all over the place but that’s what I did… Everything was running picture perfect until the leaf tips started burning,  3 of the plants started yellowing drastically and bottom leaves are drying up and dying, I started feeding only pHed water which seemed to slow the yellowing. I also dimmed my light a bit because I think I’m a bit over powered with my led. also my plant a way too big for my tent. What should I do to help my girls finish strong? Keep cutting the synthetic nutrients? Is it too late to add nutrients with more nitrogen? Fox farm big bloom? Or any other suggestions? Is this natural? Do I just need to chill out? Thank for your help DGC. I love show! Keep up the great vibes.


p.s. don’t forget to bring a towel