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Hey DGC, happy new year. I’ve just received my 4×4 from AC Infinity. Wow what a tent. Heavy. Good zippers. $129 delivered. I’ve got 2 OO Seeds Blueberry photos, a GSC photo, and an ILGM Bergman’s Gold Leaf all fem and all doing great. Running H3AD formula with Recharge and Mammoth P once a week too water. I let my plants get a little larger than I wished waiting on delivery and now they’re really too big for a footprint under my HLG 320 XL R Spec.

I’ve got a spare 315cmh ballast and am considering adding it vertical, without a reflector, to the 4×4 to increase coverage. I’m managing RH and Temp with AC Infinity Cloudline T6. I’ve got a combo DTW top feed with 2 gal Hempy Buckets to protect me from equipment malfunction. I’ve learned so much here. Thanks for all the information and humor. Life in prohibition land is tough, it’s easier with cannabis and DGC.