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Hey guys!

Looking for some advice as a set up my new room. I have an 8ftx8ftx8ft room I just built in my basement. I built it with plans to run sealed with a bottled c2 setup but my budget won’t allow for the dehumidifier just yet so I think I need to exchange the air to replenish co2 and handle humidity for a while first.

I am only running a single LED (HLG-550 v1) over 4 plants and I don’t generate enough heat with that alone to reach ideal temps. In my test runs the light alone brought the temps from 62°F to 72°F so I supplemented with a small space heater and got up to low 80’s pretty easily.

I am thinking of building an active system using two 4IN can fans to exhange the air. One intaking air via dust shroom from my laundry room that is kept between 65-68F and one exhausting out the house via a carbon filter both set on timers to run in sync with each other. Opposite corners of the room, exhaust fan with carbon filter on the ceiling and intake fan near the ground. I originally planned to pull cold air in from outside the house but after I decided to use an LED light I thought it would be best to pull conditioned air from within the basement. Of course I’ll also have another couple fans for cirulation within the room as well.

Will this be enough CFM? I found some formulas with some researching and I it sounds like this is right on the edge. I don’t want to over do it as I am already supplementing heat and I figure my heat will blow right out the house every time they come on.

How often would you exchange? My plan is to get co2 ppm monitor as well as temp/rh monitor and adjust the fan schedule as needed.

Thanks in advnace for any advice you may have!