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I’m not an experience grower but do a closet grow every winter. Based on time constraints this year I’m growing Autos, G13 Labs, Berry Auto. When I grew photoperiods i was a disciple of the Grasscity forums page and learned a lot. I was always told to “pot up” or add soil to small plants to basically help the exposed stalk develop roots, making bottom leaves closer to the surface of the pot.

Now I’ve got 5 autos about 2 weeks old under 600MH until they start to show sex and I’ll switch to HPS. Should I add dirt to the containers to accomplish what I thought was a good practice above? Basically, its about 3.5″ from soil surface to the cotyledons below the first leaf growth. I’m starting node 4 now.

Love the youtube.  Love the page.  Am now a Patreon supporter too. Thanks