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Hello all the dude grows brethren,

I’m curious if you can help me with some clones, i really want to learn to build a fuller and flatter canopy. I’ve tried topping but i’m still getting a very uneven canopy, and lanky plant so my major question is how can i stimulate lower growth to stretch to the top. Also they are showing some signs of distress, which isn’t making sense to me because i haven’t done anything differently than I have before except experimenting with light intensity and height(side question, is a 1000 watt hung at 24 inches the same as hanging a 500 at 12 inches). They are fed with GH full line(soon switching to remo when my current stock is up) and recharge with every feeding. The light is a viparspectra P1500 hung at approx 12 in from canopy at 25 percent strength (hung low to promote closer internodal spacing and less lanky plants).

Also as another side note regarding Recharge. Should i add the Recharge to the nutrient solution pH prior to Recharge or should i make 2 separate batches. I currently have added it to the nute solution.