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Hey DGC,

I’m hoping you all can help me out with this problem I’m having in my 2nd grow. I’m just past week 4 on these 2 sour Bubba from Katsu. My temperature and humidity have been around 77-80 degrees during the day and around 71-73 at night and humidity has stayed around 50-60 percent getting as high as 64 percent at night. I’m using 2 15 gallon radicle bags with build a soil 3.0 on its second go around. I reamended the soil at the beginning of veg and about a week before flower using some build a soil craft blend and worm castings. Just about every watering in flower I’ve used build a soils build a bloom, coconut water, big 6 micros, some recharge (1 time a week) and mammoth p. I’ve been seeing the leaves become lighter over the course of about 4 days now and think I may have caused greater harm by possibly overwatering on the 20th. The leaves seem to be fading progressively in different areas on both plants. The largest fan leaves seem to be what’s lightening and fading at the moment. There’s like purple forming on some of the leaves that almost looks like a bruise. The description on sour bubba says that it takes about 70 days in flower. Given that I’m about a month in I’m concerned about possible nutrient deficiencies or overwatering. I was giving them water about once to twice a week with a pump sprayer depending on how dry the soil felt and how the plants looked. I’d love to get some perspective on what’s possibly going on here and some steps I could take to mitigate this. Thanks in advance DGC.