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Hi Everyone,Long time DGC fan first time post. I need to help to see where I might have made a misstep and get my plant back on track. I’m around 6 weeks into the flower, growing in coco/perlite (2 gal) using GH trio, cal-mag, koolbloom, and some h202 (in 5 gal reservoir). Also using an automated water set up for the first time, at 4 water events per day now in flower. I change my res with a fresh new batch of water/nutrients every 5 days always adding h202 and cal-mag.

Since this is my first grow with an auto water set up I’ve been very slowly ramping up my EC from my normal schedule. I flipped Jan 1st and all through out Jan my plants have been feeding pretty heavily. The run off EC has always been 300 to 500 EC below my res(around 1200). During my mid bloom schedule I started noticing the run off EC rising, never going above what I started with but close or matching. I started to notice a lot of salt build up around the fabric pots as well. Around the 5th of this month small rust spots started to appear in the interveinal network of the leaves. I’m confident it’s not a fungal infection as it’s not wiping off and I have three fans running. My pH in is around 5.5 to 6.1 the run off is around 5.5ish.

The only thing I can think of is I was adding too much flora bloom and koolbloom when the plant didn’t need such a heavy dose of P-K, maybe that was triggering an imbalance with extra salt build up? Causing a nutrient lock out? Maybe to much potassium in the root zone? It has progressively gotten worse since the 5th and on the 18th I flushed a gallon of plain water till the EC run off was about 300. I drop my nutrient strength down to about 1000 EC and am just giving it Micro(3.3mL) and bloom(6mL) per gallon. I’m skipping koolbloom to see what happens over the next week. Just not sure where I took a miss step other than maybe miss ready feeding my planks more P-K than they needed at 3 weeks into flower.