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Hey DGC,

I could really use some help with this this first grow. These 2 plants are roughly 2 and a half weeks old. They have had a really rough 48 hours. On the 12th I watered them because the top inch or so of the soil in the solo cups was dry. That night I forgot to lower my humidifier and the tent got up to close to 80% humidity and with lights off the temps dropped to around 71. Typically my humidity is around 58-70% and temps with lights on is 80-86 (depending on how hot it is outside) and nighttime temps typically don’t fall to lower than 75. When I woke up on the 13th the plants were very droopy and I noticed one of the plants was getting a little light green on the bottom leafs (Hopefully you can see that in the photo). To make matters worse my cat got into my tent and knocked the cups over later that day. Today I am wondering what should I do to make these plants happy again? I’m assuming I over watered and that is what is making them droopy. Should I just leave them alone and hope for them to bounce back in a few days when the cups dry out? Or should I transplant them? I’m really not sure what to do and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks DGC