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What’s up guys, hoping someone can help me identify this bug in my soil. The plants are showing no signs of stress etc. but I found quite a few of these in my soil and it’s got me worried.  I’m actually going out of town all next week and I’ve got somebody watching the grow, I’m using organic amendments so all he will have to do is water when needed.  Just paranoid about what I may come back to if these bugs are no good. I’ve had TERRIBLE luck with root aphids in the past, and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong if it is again, I use weekly neem oil sprays, and B.B from build a soil with every feeding. I’m not sure if the worm castings I’m using may be the issue, or what? Should I just go ahead and assume this is over and expect a storm when I get back in over a week? I sprayed the soil with Spinosad and neem oil yesterday. Hoping that I won’t see many today before I leave if any.
Thanks for any input! Happy growing !