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What’s up Dude, Scotty, and Guru? Finishing up my second grow ever and don’t have much experience curing. This time around I’m growing only one strain instead of two different like the last. I had issues with finish times, which affected the cure of one of the strains. Eight week and 11 week strains don’t mix when your grow area is your curing area. One cured perfect ( the “White O.G.”) while the other was picked too late (Slurricane #7) and had dried out too fast. I guess this caused like a shell around the already dense bud, allowing the center to get mildew. Hey…at least now I know how far not to take my girls into flower, and know what to look for.

I’m growing 4 decent sized “Gorilla Zkittlez” from Barney’s Farm in a 4×4 tent. I’m currently in the beginning of week 7. My lung room stays at about 35-40% RH. I’m shooting for 55-60% RH in my tent, with temps at about 65° for the cure. Temperature shouldn’t be an issue. I have a fully programable thermostat for my baseboard heat and A.C. for complete control. Its humidity I’m worried about.

So my question is… Would it be a bad idea to run a small humidifier at the bottom of my tent with a small fan blowing directly above it, facing down? I would love to be able to maintain my lung room at 60% RH but I find that much harder to achieve with it being almost 300 sq. ft. If this were dead summer it’d be a different story. I currently use an A.C. Infinity 4″ fan and the new “Controller 67”, in combination with a Titan, Saturn 5 Digital Environmental controller. This allows my humidifier (with a physical knob) to turn on and off at the desired humidity. Digital won’t turn back on, lol I learned that the hard way. Meanwhile, my exhaust fan can be set to do the same. The logic on the new Controller 67 is pretty bad ass! I can exhaust at very low CFM with much control, allowing me to have options with constant or intermediate exhaust. Check it out Guru.

What’s your opinion guys? Help me preserve the dank dudes!!