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Hey DGC, Is this normal to see in a hempy bucket setup when the 2nd root zone is becoming established? Pictured below is an Ethos Purple Thai auto at about day 36 in a 3 gallon hempy. A few days ago she turned mostly yellow and several leaves started to wilt as well. This is my first time starting a plant in a hempy from seed so I am new to expectations in this grow style. I believe I have heard Scotty and Potent Ponics Steve mention that cannabis plants shed some leaves/turn yellow a bit while they are establishing their second root zone. I also think that Scotty said he prefers to get the 2nd root zone developed prior to flower but being an auto in this setup she’s going through this development during her stretch so hopefully it won’t slow her down too much. I adjusted her nutrients and I have gotten some new green growth before I started feeding her with some foliar FPJs.

Thanks for all the help guys! Hope you all are growing strong and doing well! #growerslove