Hello, Bob Marley here, and today I have a quick step-by-step guide to building a Hempy Bucket in less than 15 minutes. This version is Hempy Buckets on steroids!


  1. 2x 5 gal straight sided buckets.
  2. Knife or 1 inch hole saw.
  3. Sponge strips.
  4. 5mm drill bit.
  5. Cable ties.
  6. Medium.
  7. Spacers.
  8. Drill.


  1. Drill 5x holes in the bottom of bucket 1.
  2. Drill 1x 1 inch hole in the bottom of bucket 1.
  3. Take foam spacers and cut to approx 1.5-2 inches.
  4. Glue foam spacers to inside base of bucket 2.
  5. Drill a small hole in bucket 2 at the same level as the top of the installed foam spacers.
  6. Feed foam strips through the 5 holes in bucket 1.
  7. Place 1 inch pipe through the 1 inch hole in bucket 1.
  8. Cable tie 1 inch pipe to the brim of bucket 1 to hold in place.
  9. Lay 1-2 inches of perlite, small stones, vermiculite or desired base layer into bucket 1.
  10. Fill bucket 1 with desired medium.
  11. Plant inoculated seed (if auto) or transplant inoculated photo plant.
  12. Top water for the first time to keep the root zone happy.
  13. Bottom fill at the same time by watering-in your desired nutrients via the 1 inch pipe until slight runoff.
  14. Refill only via the 1 inch pipe from now on.
  15. Ample water is wicked up through the sponge strips keeping the root zone nicely moist (like damp tobacco).

This style of growing allows a few days of water buffering in the small water reservoir in the base of bucket 2.

Happy days and happy growing.

Peace out,