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I currently have some plants in 1 gal nursery pots that are going to need to be upgraded to larger size soon. I thought of putting them in 3 gal fabric bags but vacuuming the water out of the runoff pots is aggravating and I hear Scotty talk all the time about how he likes the Hempy Buckets. How do they compare to fabric pots? They are what a five gal with coco on top and clay pellets in the bottom? He mentions watering from the bottom as well which I actually prefer as you can water more often if you want easier.

How many of these buckets would you put in a 4×8 or in a 4×4 if I just wanted to do half?

Is there a good guide that tells you how to construct the best kind? I don’t want to get them all set up and have done it in a crappy style. I am always looking for new ways to streamline my grow and it seems like this would be a beneficial move.

I know I can search for hempy bucket guide but I was wondering what style the DGC would go with?