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i use the leaf litter from bamboo cause its full of fungi and mycelium and full good bacteria/microbes and the leaves are full of silica and i use them as the main carbon ingredient anytime im mixing or making some kind of compost or anything else that could use some crushed up bamboo leaves like for my worm bins i mix in a lot of bamboo waste plus the fruits and veggies i get free from the local market place. i also find old broken down bamboos that have composted most of the way and i can take and twisted them up and break them up kinda and i use that stuff as top dressing…

also everything i use is basically free the bamboo leaf/mulch compost is free the coffee grinds and tea i ask for is free and the fruits and veggies i get is free also i get 50+ pounds of it at a time (buckets load) and the fish if i dont go fishing myself my friends will give it to me for free! and sea water i get free!

the few things that i actually pay for is coconut water, seeds for sprout teas, lots of brown sugar since its the main ingredient pretty much in every fermentation for nutrients.. , coco coir, perlite/vermiculite dry amendments although i make a lot of stuff i still like to buy certain dry amendments,  and a bunch of kelp i get 5 lbs for 15$  and that’s about most of it but every i buy is cheap or goes a really long way! and its most not needed but does help a lot!