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Here’s the scoop. I run photos in a stick built cabinet in a closet. I grow in two 27 gallon rubbermaid totes. I do notill and bottom water.  I’ve had 4 great crops running many different genetics. I usually run 2 plants in each tote. This has been working well for me until this last run. This last run I vegged in 1 gallon fabric pots with velcro “easy transplant” sides. The transplant was not easy and the rootball fell apart. It was a nightmare. The plants stressed the hell out and two plants threw bushels of nanners underneath the canopy. Since they were in the corner where I can’t see the bottom of canopy I was way too late catching it. I ended up with a super frosty chunky ass fully seeded crop. I cannot move out of the closet into a tent and love the bottom watering totes and don’t want to change. I plan on going back to plastic 1 gallons in veg for easier transplant to make it lower stress before flower. I also plan on spraying the under canopy with a fine mist of water during flower to kill any pollen from and nanners that might pop up. I can handle the humidity. How long do you think its safe to mist into flower? I will also start looking for some stable genetics to prevent this in the future. Any suggestions? I have some DJ Short BB and Flo F5’s to run next in hope he has gotten rid of the easy herm traits. To make lemonade out of lemon’s I’m launching Herm City Genetics. Guaranteed Herms or your money back!