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I have recently discovered my fem gelatos from the single seed centre are growing balls. 2nd week from pistols 3rd from flip. I have removed all male growth I could find. Not naners. They are (were) in a fully dark unused bedroom in a 8×4 tent under 2 mars sp 250 and a 600 hps on the other side along with white widow, gsc and king kong. No others are showing balls. Fed fox farm full line in coco 5.8 ph. Recently added Recharge.

A.C. and dehumidifier.  Around 80 day 65/70 dark 55 rh .

Is this genetic? I have been growing since it became legal July of 18. Never had a herm.  I have been doing the perpetual setup. And have had many great runs.

I have quarantined them to my front porch but had to “supercrop” since they are 3.5 ‘(without the 7 gal fabric pot) and cannot be visible to public. What are my options? Should I cull them and start over? I have invested a lot of time and cash so I would hate to kill them.  Mich love.