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Dude, Scott, and Guru,

I am just one day shy of week 13 for these two super lemon haze clones grown under a closet case 140 as an experiment.  This plant’s mother ripened in just 11 weeks in the same grow room under a SK 402+.  As you can see in the circled areas I have spotted male-like growth from both plants that just started.  They have been in flush mode for 19 days receiving nothing but pure RO water as you can see from the leaf color.  I did switch them from 12/12 to 11/13 three days ago in hopes of quickening up the ripening and I believe that the added stress from this light change has triggered the hermaphrodite growth in this very late stage sativa cross.  Have any of you seen this type of plant behavior before?  I have zero light leak in this room and no other environmental factors (ie humidity, temperature, etc) have changed.  Also, would you harvest this plant now due to the abnormal growth?  I have included a picture of the main cola from one of these two plants.  No amber trichs are currently present.  I grew these clones from the mother that was in flower, switched them back to veg for three weeks at which they were about 14″ tall, switch back to flower (they stretched by 3 feet!!!) and here we are.

Thanks for the help as always and glad to see everyone back up with the show.

Oldtimer 50 in Prohibition Land