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Long time fan of over a year, and contributing patreon member. First let me say I appreciate everything yall do for the cannabis community and our spirits. Dude Grows has become my daily listen at work, along with other podcasts I’ve found through this show…ie, Rasta Jeff, Embracing Organics, CLTV to name a few. You get me through the day and can pull me out of my “moods.” Which can be hard to do. So I thank you all for that.

My question is, how much can I defoliate? I’ve taken off quite a bit but have alot of blocked bud sites. Still have alot of large and medium fan leaves. I’m now starting week 4 of flower. 2 plants scroged out in a 2.5f x2.5f x5.5f. Cultivar is Sweat Helmet by Exotic Genetix. Growing in coco/perlite 70/30. With about 10-20% EWC. Using Humbolts Secret Nutrients full line minus a couple things. RECHARGE and Mammoth P once a week. This is my 3rd grow and 1st time running photos that I new the strain and info on,(first ones being bagseeds and a couple of autos.) This method of scrog has really been a success. Tons of tops, but I’m starting to see lots of ones blocked and much shorter. Should I do a staggered harvest? Take the tops and let the lowers ripen a little longer? I will set a net to help with weight and to pull back some of the taller ones aside to get more light to the lowers. The light I’m using is a Maxsisun mf2000 @100%. Not great, but they use samsung lm281 and have red,ir, and UV. So far so good. No issues no bugs. Yall have helped me avoid so many issues through preventive measures and common sense. Much love to all the DGC! And I’m digging the IG updates! Keep the dream alive and the content coming! We are watching!!

One Love!- auniversalmind