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I really just want to remind you guys that you’re my fav people. (B dogger aside). I feel actually guilty as holy hell for not keeping up. Vegetables gardens are getting harvested and fall gardens planted. Indoor is giving me hell but the greenhouses are going off.  Taking 3 showers a day and doing a lot of laundry! Trying to keep the right bug in the right places. B Dogger is harvesting now too so gotta help there. Finally seeing other humans at least. My social every 3 months. I even dye my hair for it. I hope all you plants are doing well and you all are only coughing for the right reasons. When I get a min I check on y’all. So if I seem to only give a shit about some posts, nope. Just don’t take long enough on the toilet to open more than one or too. At least no one is waiting to hear me solve any problems. Haaa haaa lord help you if you are. So lots of kisses and bird flipping to you people. I love me some scottage cheese! Keep jukin an jiving you brilliant bastard.
miss dudette Bec