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Scotty, Dude, Guru Cheers!!!! DGC family, what’s upppppppp!!!!! This is my current Situmatation is a little janky to say the least. But I think I’m getting it figured out. So I got all ladies in this tent. Thanks tk Delta lab tests I was able to find out in 11 days what men had to go and what ladies got to stay.  Not going to lie before the rest results came back I had not a single care in the world what they were fed. (I work so many hours with this BS going on I barely see my son let alone the plants ) so some of it due to laziness. But here’s a couple pics of my girls. Ok so question one.

Am I shorting myself Due to keeping them in one gals???? I have three gals I was just waiting for the testing but now idk if I should let them fully root out the one gal before I take a chance of messing the  roots up.????
two. This is based more towards guru, terp, or any of our lighting experts. I have a HLg 300v1 with a strip Of diodes out on one board.   I’ve also got a 260 rspec, and a 135 bspec.  So would it be beneficial to put either the 260 in the place or what about putting the one bspec board and the one r spec??? I don’t know shit about lights nor do I pretend to. I have a lux meter that I use for guestamation. Thanks y’all. three ….. so As you can tell there’s a little burn going on. Early on I felt I had a mg issue. And before doing my homework off impulse I added ca mag with iron in it. And a day later I came back and all the tips were burnt up bad. So I feed them water  for about a week until new growth started to show normal green. Then as I waited for the tests I kinda just optic foliar and watered. Just two days ago I topdress with mr b’s green tree 7-4-4 and keep optic foliar on deck and used every other day or so. Whenever I don’t water I spray. That’s my story I’m sticking to it.

side bar…:: so I got a 3×4 tent. And I was tired of wondering about my c02. So I got a monitor and a exhale bag. Well the normal exhale bag raised my ppm to 805. Sweet. I don’t think one would be very useful for anything bigger than a 5×5   Could be wrong but just wanted to throw that in there.

much love and respect. Still waiting for the DGC cup date. They opened. The beaches. Why can’t the DGC gather?!?!?!?