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What’s up DGC! I wanted to take a second and share my collapsible and height adjustable SCROG setup I put together for this grow in my 3’x3’ tent.

I didn’t want to put together individual bamboo stakes and nets for each pot.  Also, I didn’t want to just string a net between the tent posts. This is what I came up with…not sure if it’s been done before, but it’s new for me.

I hung a piece of wire closet shelf that was cut to fit my tent with two ratchet hangers.  I hung it so the “L” lip was at the bottom facing the plants.  I loosely secured the wire shelf to the side polls so it would stay in place, but be able to move up and down with the hangers.  Then, after making a scrog net out of some pvc, I attached it so one side rests on the “L” of the wire shelving with zipties.  This acts like a hinge where the screen can be lowered down over the plants and secured to a piece of pvc cross member that is secured between the polls of the opposite side of the tent. And there ya go, a collapsible and height adjustable scrog.

It can be moved up or down with the ratchet hangers depending on your desired height for your grow.  Also, with the screws 2” apart on the pvc it’s easy to restring to have larger holes in the net.  Nice part is it can be collapsed when not in use by lifting it up against the side of the tent where the wire shelving is attached.  Just ziptie it up.  No need to put it anywhere else but in your tent,  which is a nice space saving feature if you don’t have a lot of room to keep things.

Seems like it’ll work, so I’m gonna give it a shot. Might even add another scrog on top of this one with bigger holes in the netting hinged to the top of the wire shelving, just depends on how the grow goes.

Either way, I get so much from being part of the DGC I wanna give back when I can.  Hope this helps someone or gives others an idea that may improve this setup.  I’m open to thoughts to improve this or potential pitfalls I might not be seeing yet.  I’ll be tweaking it as time goes on I’m sure.  All the best to crew and thanks to all of the DGC!