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What’s up DGC crew, long time listener here but this is my first question posted. First, thanks for all you guys do. Listening to your show motivated me to literally sell a business, move back home to Missouri, and start growing for my family as medical patients with what I learned in Denver over 4 years living in Colorado. You guys changed my life so thank you for the motivation and education!

I started growing in November and have been happy with my results but I am currently researching photoperiodic control for better efficiency during the summer, lower temps, and ideally larger yields.

I am looking to switch to a 6 on/ 18 off schedule for flower and a 12/5.5 + 1/5.5 schedule for veg. I’ve studied Joe Pietri’s DLI research and it seems like a great way to reduce electricity, temperature in tents for summer, and give the plants more time to grow.

Have any of you experimented with this lighting schedule? I need to recalculate PPFD and DLI parameters but I’m assuming I will need to turn my lights up a bit to hit the targets in 6 hours. I am growing specifically for solvent less rosin and looking for trichome production. Do you suspect this change would increase, decrease, or have no effect on trichome density?

P.S. – hoping to enter my Rosin into the DGC cup if there is a solvent less category!