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What’s up DGC, been a listener for about a year now and a supporter for about 5 months on and off (financial b.s. y’all get it). Anyway! I have been growing in a 4×4 space with an Amazon blurple 1200 Watt LED and an Amazon blurple 600 watt LED. Paid $100 for the 1200 and $60 for the 600 to give you an idea of quality (shit). I run with just the fox farms nutes trio (GB, BB, TB) in fox farms ocean soil as far as nutes go. I just ordered two HLG V2 100’s at 3000k and I’m wondering if that is enough light with just the two? Or should I get a third one? You guys kick ass. Stay higher.

P.S. Guru, I have a question for you. Also,t you for being a voice of science on the show, much appreciated. I attend school on Michigan and my major is physics with an astronomy focus. I would love to get your input on the concept of something similar to that in the movie “The Martian” on the germenation of plants from Earth on another planet, regardless of atmospheric consistency or pressure. Basically I’m asking, (in your opinion) what types of microbes would you expect to see existing on a planet like Mars and how would they interact with a plant from Earth?

Thanks guys!

-Luke Dankwalker