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Recently purchased 2 Scorpion Diablos from HLG and to my surprise they included a Dynavape 2020m kit and of course the Dude discount of 10% which saved me $275 off the lights. The lights replaced 2 HID’s and after 2 weeks the plants are bushing out with much less vertical growth and much more branching. I had to dim down while vegging but I’m slowly increasing the wattage now that flower has started. Reason for this post is I heard on the Patreon early release video that you fellas wanted reviews on the Dynavape. I love it!! No batteries or coils. Just heat up with a mini torch till it clicks and hit till it clicks again. The 2 click system. I also will lightly touch with the torch while pulling to increase vapor. It literally took 2 tries till I perfected. There’s also an attachment for dabs.

Thanks to the DGC for helping me consistently up my game.