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Hey DGC! Anyone who grows with HLGs in a tent, in Colorado, in the summer knows that heat can cause problems. Removing the drivers from the light and remotely mounting them, is a simple solution. Unless you have HLGs. I recently upgraded to 2 350Rs and I must say, wow. I prefer the 2 light setup in case some strains get lengthy. Much more versatile. The down side is having 2 drivers generating heat.

Removing the drivers from the HLGs is easy. Match up the wire to what already exists. 25 feet of  3/c 16AWG wire. You will also need some weatherproof connectors for the 16AWG wire. You can see them in the pictures. Wagos also work but look cheap. Reuse the existing parts and your all set. Amazon has everything for about $30. Anyone attempting this is obviously skilled enough to figure it out so I won’t go into detail on how to do it. You basically reverse engineer it and add the wire. You can also wire it to run 1 main wire instead of 2. Choice is yours my friend. I’m just sharing my experience and saying it can be done! Hopefully this will help others with the same problem. It looks pretty sleek when your done and there’s a lot more room for activities!