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Sup Fam,

I have two Girl Scout Cookies Autos (Spliff Seeds), both are 31 days from seed and progressing into flower. They’re planted in 5 gal pots in Bio Terra Plus soil, the roots have been powdered with a product containing (let Dude read this) rhizophagus irregularis, bazillus velezensis and bazillus amyloliquefaciens, kelp extract, humins, horn meal, starch. I give only rain water. Last weekend I found a couple of spider mites and on Tuesday sprayed both plants up and down with a 2:1 mix of water and self made rosemary oil (olive) and two drops of an organic citrus acid based cleaner to break the tension. The mites we’re soon gone but today I found that some older fan leaves on both plants look partially hollowed out. I know this only happened this week and not before because I scout all leaves daily and would have noticed this. Both plants have shown signs of nitrogen excess (dark leaves, tips pointing down) throughout their life but I heard Scotty once say “A little nitrogen excess in early veg never hurt nobody” so I didn’t worry.

What gives?