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What is up DGC? Hope everyone is well after that cold ass weather that devastated large parts of the country. My state decided it was a good thing to turn off people’s power during the coldest temps our area has seen in 30 years. The only thing that saved the garden from freezing in my attic was a few candles and a lantern. The tent got down to 35 degrees while a bucket of water just outside the tent froze solid. I have mad respect for you Northerners!

This girl is Dark Hollow from friend of the show Rasta Jeff of Irie Genetics. She was grown in an amended soil (coco base with kelp meal, insect frass, alfalfa meal, worm castings, and some homemade compost) with New Millenium nutrients, recharge, and Mammoth P. She was grown under HLG lights with some UVb added to bring out the trichomes. She smells like gas and burnt rubber and she is potent! She is the kind of cannabis that kills the short term memory and makes you forget why you just went to the store. Great smoke!

Love the DGC! It’s a group I am proud to call my own. There is no way I would be growing this quality without the knowledge from the DGC. DGC for life!