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I heard Scotty talking about being high in Home Depot and wanting to build a grow light. I couldn’t stop laughing as I finished this thing last week. I am in Home Depot multiple times a week and I’m often high.

This is a Frankenstein light I put together, it’s actually my second one. I’ll be buying Rapid LED after this. Should I go with the chilled LED 4×4 setup or the CXB3590’s???

Anyway I broke down the cost for the materials and the bulbs separately.

Bulbs total cost: $350

light material total cost: $160

Grand Total: $510

Total actual wattage: 538 watts
If you spend more money on bulbs you could get more out of it. If you bought all GE grow led bulbs you would have a 750 watt led light with bulbs that costs a total of $1,100. And no warranty.


1. 12 gauge wire (free)

2. metal electrical conduit ($4/10 feet-2 total)

3. conduit connectors ($12)

4. metal junction boxes ($1.30/box-30 total)

5. angle metal ($20)

6. plastic light holders ($1.20/each 25 total)

7. 600 watt light dimmer switch ($20)

8. Hardware to hang it ($25)

9. screws (free)

Total: $156.5 BEFORE BULBS if you can get free wire, wire connectors and the tools to do it all.

The Bulbs are mostly Cree BR40 (120Watt replacement) uses 23 actual watts. I have a mixture of 5000k and 2700k $11/light

I have added some 16 watt Feit grow bulbs (1.25 umol/J) (20 umol/s) $20/bulb

In the center I have a 30 watt GE grow light “flower spectrum”. (1.7 PPF/W) (umol/s 50) $44/bulb

Total cost for bulbs: $344

Total actual watts: 538