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Hey DGC, listen to every episode on my commute to work. 4 days away 4 days home. Started up the small grow room at home to show the kids how to grow. Have organic veggies in ocean forest soil, Worm castings. A few herbs soon to go outside. Also 2 sweet tooth auto flowers, using Dutch Nutrients 2 part with cal/mag, flora nectar and a local sea boost product. Hoping to be able to add recharge and a enzyme spray in at some point. Will be adding terminator and a bloom Booster for a few feeds then Flush. One auto got topped last week,  Still interrogating the 4 kids. Sent them to get herbs. They picked the tallest plant. But great learning the kids how I make my own medicine and food. Hoping to become a sponsor of the show again soon. Hopefully this month.   I’m looking at the pulse monitor system for when I’m away at work. Also need an auto watering system of some sort to make Cucumbers last a week while where at the camper? Any advice on making a 10 gallons drip system. Thanks for all you do putting the show together. Never got to see many of videos shows yet. YouTube coming to a work computer soon. Love the show, Dude, Scotty and Guru.