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Hey DGC,

I was driving with my wife listening to the show, thinking that she is not listening to anything you guys are talking about, when all of a sudden Scotty said, ” Good luck getting home insurance with a home grow” or something to that extent. Well she may not know what VPD is or why I want to buy a 1000 dollar HLG, but man she heard that! I saw her ears perk up and her phone come out. After a couple of blocks of driving and her google fingers flying, she had found the worst possible horror stories of house fires that were not covered by home owners insurance etc, etc. and is asking me a lot of questions about what would happen if this and that were to happen. It looks like I have two options and I would really appreciate some advice on both if you have time!

The two options I am looking at are moving my grow to some sort of building I construct in the backyard, maybe a shed that is insulated or a cargo shipping container made to look nice on the outside since I live in Illinois.  Have not really gotten to far on planning anything this just kind of rocked me and was not something I ever thought about before. I just got my medical card and its legal for Illinois residents to grow 5 plants so the last year has been a dream come true, but the plants cannot be in public view.  Anyway….

My other option…

I am going to have to talk to a home insurance about my legal medical grow… but that just feels so very wrong to me after so many years of living in prohibition land. My wife one other grower and now you guys are the only ones that even know I am growing because of my loose lips sink ships philosophy… but now I have to figure out something. Just wanted to know if you guys had any experience with this issue, any advice on either how to approach my home insurance guy or what kind of building to look into putting in the back yard?  Any advice would be appreciated.