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Here is a homemade blend I use, on my girls, personally it has been very successful.

  • One Fresh Aloe Vera Leaf (Outside & inside)
  • One Fresh Banana (Outside & Inside)
  • Purified water pH 6.5 roughly 5o-56 oz
  • Optional: Molasses
  • Optional: Top dress: Compost & Worm castings

You can strain out the liquids, or add it with the pulp which I recommend if your pot has space as the microbes love to break it down. I don’t brew it before I feed it or let it sit by the way, but I don’t see why not if you chose to, personally I add it minutes after making it.

Main benefits: Cal + Mag + Potass + Silica + Aminos + Comp Vita + Sugar + Sulphur ect.

There are a lot of nutrition benefits from both & very detailed so I will source what I read before composing the mix.